Monday, 24 December 2012


 I have always thought it should be Merry Christmas during the holidays, but not anymore. Now you ask any of my close friends and they will back me up saying I am the least politically correct individual. Like those green big headed aliens should go back to Muskar-6. They can't drive and they can't metabolize salt. Losers. Or the fuzzy cuddly Mino cats. They don't even speak English. Getting back to the point, I figured, why say Happy Holiday, it's Christmas? It's our holiday. Why should we bend to a few people who don't celebrate Christmas and say Happy Holiday? They get off the same days as us and they don't even observe Christmas. So we should be able to say whatever we want...right?

 Yes and no. Yes we should be able to say Merry Christmas to whomever we want, but you should think a little. That family from Sri Lanka do you think they celebrate Christmas? Probably not. So slapping them with a Merry Christmas every time you see them must be annoying. What if they bugged you that it was Diwali the Festival of Lights? You would probably grumble and say something derogatory under your breath. Maybe that is what they do after you leave the room.

 Even if the person you are saying Merry Christmas to is white they could be Jewish and I am pretty sure they don't believe that Christ was the messiah. Or worse yet it could be an atheist and it could be one of the ones that think you're interested in hearing how Christ isn't real and that it was just a pagan holiday....blah, blah, blah. Do they think parroting something back that they read on the Internet makes them sound or are smart? Some of these douche bags are as bad as those Christians that try to force religion down your throat. Can't they see that they are identical? And they hate each other so much.

 You see on TV that they always say Happy Holiday. They don't want to alienate their potential costumers and lose money by saying a simple greeting. Is that what you are mad at? You see Happy Holidays on TV a lot? TV? How old are you? Can you think a little? When has TV ever had its thoughts on tradition and value? It's on money. Relax. Don't get riled up by what they are doing on television. You will just fuel their bright fire. Ignore it from time to time. You'll find you will have a less stressful time.

 You should be nice. Isn't saying Happy Holiday a nice thing to say, instead of segregating people? Is that what you are trying to promote at this time of year? Not rage at some one saying Happy Holiday? Personally I think you should try to be nice all year around instead of just at Christmas. So what? Right after Christmas you should go kick some dogs and burn down an orphanage? Maybe instead of worrying  what to say to greet someone during the darkest time of the year you should worry about how you are going to help your fellow man or how you are going to treat your family at this wonderful time of year.

Seasons....Merry.....Happy....err good luck,


Friday, 14 December 2012

No, He Wouldn't Of Done Anything

 It will be trite to talk about, but I was actually thinking about this yesterday when I was working near a daycare. Watching those cute little kids wondering around in their caged little area. Pink snowsuits waddling because they are too bulky and their little muscles aren't that strong yet. Watching them play and talk to each other. No matter how bad of a day I am having, if I see children it brightens my day. Their innocence. How happy they are. Why are they happy ? Who cares. They are happy because everything is making them happy. A truck, a doll, the fence. We should be happy at anything too. Then a stray thought. "Who would ever hurt children?"  They have not done anything as terrible as you and I may have. They just want your love and to hold or snuggle in with you from time to time and you love them. Not because you have to, but because you want to and they easily make you. You would do anything for them. They need a kidney. "Ok, take mine," They need bone marrow, "I have too much so there ya go." Your life is forfeit for your childs'.

 Then news like today reaches your ears and eyes. Several children killed at a Connecticut school. All you have to do is put one of your kid's face on one of the slain children or a child you know and your heart breaks even further. At first it is shock, then you feel rage at the individual  who killed these innocent babes(I will come back to this later). Then you read that the former Governor of Arkansas Mike Hukabee says the crime was no surprise because we have "systematically removed God" from public schools. .Seattle Post

  God? Removed? Yes If only God was still in the schools. He would of done something right? Just like he helped the people of Japan with the tsunami or the people in New York and surrounding area during tropical storm Sandy and every day of the countless men, women and children that are abused and killed does that sound right? No it doesn't. This magical man hiding in the clouds does nothing and don't give me "God only helps those who help themselves". Tell that to one of the parents who has a dead child. Never will they see their child again. Never. Now wouldn't you do anything for your children? And if we are Gods children then why didn't he or ever protect us? Is there a God> I doubt it. The is no scientific proof. And whether you think science is great or not, just remember what you are reading this on. There might be a higher power out there, but not one that adheres to the religious dogma that is preached all over the world. I would love for nothing more than to see all my relatives and dead pets in heaven when I die, but I know that probably won't happen. Why do I think this? Because God is supposed to be every where and if  the magic man can't stop a simple shooting of innocent children then how can there be a kingdom in the clouds. He can't even give rain to people who pray for it. How is he supposed to keep all the people who have ever died around in one place?

 Hell. You want one because you would love to know that the shooter is going there, but did you know that some religions(christian) believe that unbaptized people would go to hell? I wonder if any of the children killed today in Connecticut were baptized? Sounds like the perfect job for the magic man to save them and wait to harvest their souls until after they are baptized, but he's not allowed in school.....but he's God can't he do anything? Apparently not. Children who aren't taught about God or old enough to learn about God are basically Atheists. I  would try to protect these children, but would God? Remember if you have children or a baby right now they didn't or don't know about God either and if they had of passed what would of happened

 I would never advise saying this to the parents of the dead children. They don't need to hear that, but I also don't need to hear how God would of fixed everything. Your God can't and hasn't fixed anything. So instead of praying to this guy to help people he can't and will never help. Spend that time with your children or people you love. I am going to hear about how my son is rushing for another touchdown in the house or my daughter cry for Buzz and Woody as you finish a story and lay her down to sleep. Not for help I will never receive.