Thursday, 20 September 2012

I Find I Am Not The Funniest In My House Anymore

 Usurped. Unseated. Dethroned  Ok, that is enough synonyms and "U" words. I used to think i was hilarious. With my dry wit to off the wall craziness of composing sentences with just stray nouns and adjectives and snide sarcasm, but not anymore. Now my fourteen month old daughter, Reagan holds the throne.

 It's hard to compete with someone who comes downstairs in the morning and finds a can, empty or with a little pop left in it on the coffee table(left by...I'm not sure). Picks it up and carries it around. And when her Mother sees this, she tries to take it from her and then the running begins. Pop sloshing out of the can  then the most delightful light squeal comes out of Reagan, "Eeeeeeeee" as she runs from her Mother.

 I have heard this squeal several times and i don't think it will ever stop. One morning after her Poppa had stayed over night for a Union meeting, Reagan got up. We could hear her stirring. Then she saw what was in the adjacent bed. It was like Christmas. "Eeeeee eeeee eeeeeee!" As if to say, "You! I don't remember you sleeping there! Lets get this party going!" Of course this party had to start at 7:00 in the morning.

 The other day i was outside with Keanan(my son), Reagan, and some neighbours kids. Keanan was in the little plastic pool playing with Reagan circling, mayhap looking for a good opportunity to cause mischief. Well, she thought of something. Seeing Keanan's Crocs, she picked them up and fired them at him screaming with glee as she did so.Good thing she isn't strong enough yet because they fell short, but she was still thrilled at what she had done.

 Now to actual water. For most of these little stories I have not been present, but having the story relayed to me still makes me laugh close to tears. While Megan(My Fiance) was draining the water from the tub, it was quiet and we all know what quiet means when you have children in the house. Reagan came flying around the corner with my work phone in hand which I had left on the night stand. Apparently things that shouldn't get wet, will get wet according to my daughters protocol. Arm raised and eyes fixed on the tub Reagan began the Christening of my phone, but her conscience(her Mother) stopped her. Megan disarmed her and tossed the phone out into the hall onto some towels. Angry and determined Reagan snatched up the phone and ran laughing at the tub ready to set the phone on it's maiden voyage, but Mum thwarted her again and slipped the phone into her pocket. This enraged my daughter and she let everyone know it, but quickly cheered up and chased something else, maybe the snake that is loose in the house. His name is Bitey. Little did we know, especially Megan, that Reagan was plotting her revenge.

 A week or so later Megan was showering.and this time it wasn't quiet. Reagan was up running in and out of the bathroom opening the curtain making sure Mum was still there and reaching in to touch the falling water which delights her to no end. When the curtain opened next Mummy's clothes were in hand. if Mum is in the shower then why not her clothes? With a stone face as if to say. "you stopped me before....." and Megans clothes went in.

 So there, just a tad of what hilarity goes on in my house. Not mentioning that i have taught her to "Run! Reagan run!" when you are about to change her diaper or clothes. Not everyone thinks that is funny though, but Reagan sure does. Maybe i am not done being the funniest one

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