Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Well Deserved Letter

  One person in my life I should thank for putting up with me and dealing with all the grief I give her. Though I have never had hair brained schemes, but I have had my....moments. Like this one time I thought that I had my iPod stolen. So, I went into my iCloud  account to look for it under the app find my iPod( I love you, Apple). As it loads it is bringing up my street and address. Hmm? I think that maybe it's locating Megan's iPhone. Nope, it's tracking my iPod. Quickly looking around I get a boost of adrenalin. Whoever has stolen it is in my house. What a big pair of balls this person has to return to my house with my Device. Ha! He will think he has a  drop on me. Springing up from my chair I head towards the kitchen to grab a weapon. As I do I see my iPod on the living room bureau. When did the thief get by me to put it there?

  Megan puts up with a lot of things I do. Like, when I obsess over things of get into an expensive little fad like hockey cards. That one was...interesting. Now it is plants, but at least she is into that. Over the winter and my birthday she bought me a mini green house. So I decided to plant over 200 seeds. Did we have enough room in the garden for the plants? No, but not all of them will grow and we can give some of them away. I have got her into gardening and weeding(which she abhors). She even picks the plants and I ask her where she wants them. She is a little prune and destruction happy, but it is a small price to pay for her interest in what I like to do....for now.

  She makes meals for me(and the kids). And what meals! She is a brilliant cook! If you don't thinks so, I weighed 200lbs when we met and now I weigh 235lbs and I rarely eat any take-away. Why would I when I have great food made for me at home and someone who makes such delightful noises when I pinch her. It is a form of gratitude for the wonderful job, though she is pushy on the fruits. Like when she puts grapes in my mouth whilst I am "napping" on the couch. If she is up when I leave and am heading out the door she will ask if I want her to make me a lunch? Late as usual I will say "no", then say, "wait" and finally, "yes". What is 5 more minutes for a delicious sandwich?

  She is a wonderful mother. She corrects and loves both of my children no matter how hard I try to corrupt them. Like when I say "What the.." in hope that Reagan will finish the sentence with a "hell?" I get a "Jeremy!" and a very stern look. Once I was told not to give Reagan any marshmallows(alone) out of the Lucky Charms cereal. Megan was in another room and I dug through the cereal box and gave Reagan some marshmallows. The last one I gave her she ran and said, "Look, Mummy. Daddy gave me this." and presented her the marshmallow. I swore under my breath and called her a little rat. I quickly hid around the corner, but I was caught. I won't bore you with the details of my terrific escape from death, but pose a question: Why can't I feed my children loads of sugar?

  Now it takes a lot to put up with someone that is so hardheaded and little and....Hmmm? Wait, that seems like it is for a different story. Okay, I've got it now. Now it takes a lot to put up with someone who is a closet sociopath. She is only around 5 feet tall, but she walks about 6'5" and 250lbs. I should know I have been in that path. She is stubborn, but I wouldn't have it any other way. She keeps me honest(a bit). She is passionate about everything that interests her and I am fortunate that I interest her.

I love you, Megan

She's been lookin' like a queen in a sailor's dream
And she don't always say what she really means

-Gordon Lightfoot



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