Thursday, 1 August 2013

That Sounds About Right...?

  The doctor emerges from the operating room, face grim. Your stomach rises into your throat. You know what this is going to be. Looking down at your arm in a sling. You think, this isn't bad for being in a five car pile-up from someone running a red light. The doctor now stands before you. He starts to tell you that your son has lost a lot of blood and will need to have a transfusion. Of whole blood? You ask. Yes, He needs a lot of blood now to replace all the blood he has lost. Being a Jehovah's Witness you know that you cannot let anyone take transfusions of whole blood, just fractions. If you were a Christian Scientist you wouldn't of been in the hospital. You would rely on praying to a God to magically heal your son. The same God that could of prevented this accident from happening but didn't. But being a Witness you have to settle for letting your son's brain  stop receiving oxygen because there is no more blood to pump to it. Sounds about right.

  Two factions fight over a city. A Holy city. One Christian the other Muslim. Both lay claim that it belongs to them. Their God has decreed it so(which both worship the same God). Several times there have been Crusades. Men would come down from Europe and battle the Muslims over Jerusalem. Thousands died, cities razed. Woman raped and killed. Children slaughtered. All for what? It  wasn't very tactful for the Europeans. It wasn't rich in crops. No Muslim assassin killed a king. What possible reason could there be to needlessly kill so many people? Religion. Don't fool yourself. It is still going on today. Sounds about right.

  Muslims. This will be blunt and quick. Their views are archaic. They treat woman as not even second class citizens. They are barely allowed to go to school. No high ranking jobs. They are treated like servants.Sounds about right.

  Your young daughter lies in bed wheezing and coughing drowning in her own fluids from whooping cough. You made the right decision in not getting her vaccinated, right? At least she didn't develop Autism. Instead she gets her life cut short drowning. And you will never see her smile or enjoy her curiosity again. Just because some whack thinks(with no scientific proof) that vaccinations cause Autism. Thousands of people have been duped by these idiots just to have their children die of preventable diseases. Do you think mothers in third world countries would turn down this marvel of science that would save their child just because it "might"(which it doesn't) cause Autism? They thought the mercury in some vaccines caused Autism. So, scientists tested it and even took it out. It didn't cause it, but they still removed it from the vaccines. What did the anti-vaccers do? Did they put their hands up and say, Okay. You tested it and proved that it didn't so let's focus on something else that may cause Autism. Like any good Sceptic would do when science proves something. Nope they just said it was something else and then something else and so on. All the while science kept testing and saying no, it's not that or that. I myself couldn't bare to stand by and watch any of my children die like that. What kind of people are these? They must enjoy having children die needlessly. That sounds about right.

  Now if you agree with any of these then say it out loud. Say it in a crowded room or elevator. Say, I will not save my son or daughter by an easy mean. I will just let them die. Say, I think this person should die because they are different from me. Say, my daughter shouldn't go to school and I should and then her husband should rule her like a king. She must obey me no matter the cost. I wonder if you would be looked askance? Would those people look at you like you were mentally ill? That sounds about right.

A supernatural being who performs a miracle while idly standing by in the presence of so much suffering in the course of history would be guilty of gross negligence, failing to meet obligations of moral stewardship, and failing to fulfill a duty to rescue. It would be reasonable to conclude that such a being is evil.

 -Matt McCormick

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