Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Karma Unicorn

 The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.
-Carl Sagan

 Some of you may believe in Karma. Where some mystical force tries to balance everything out. Tries to set straight all the evil in the universe with some good. It catches up with this evil person and effects them in a negative way to right what wrong they have done to you, thus saving the day....The universe doesn't care. Why should it? It isn't alive in the sense that we are alive. It doesn't have a conscience. We are part of the universe so how come all or just one of us  doesn't have sway in what happens all over the cosmos? Like, I want a meteor to hit a certain evil country because they do bad things? Or maybe it is all the Suns in the galaxy that control our lives. Well, yes, but not in the Karma sense. They are just nuclear furnaces. How the hell do they control anything other than heat and some gravity? There must be something.....or maybe it is nothing at all. Like, I said the universe does not care about you. Just like Time doesn't. You can't ask Time to take revenge on someone or get you an A in Math or get you a girlfriend. No, Time just does what it always does, trudge along. Never stopping. Just bulling its way through everything.

Karma is a supposed mystical force that guides everything according to my wildly flippant view on Hindu mysticism. Created(or dreamed up) thousands of years ago other religions also believe in it. Like, Buddhists and Taoists to name a few. It employs the thought of cause and effect. If you do something bad something bad will happen to you...later on...maybe...if a God finds it fit. Uh, okay. Something will always happen to you later. If I break a window in the barn and my mom finds out later. She will chase me around the kitchen and living room  in a circle with a ruler and catch me. Or I never get caught(didn't happen). Or I die later on in life. Which, I guess would be Karma catching up to me. Bullocks! It was fine(I guess) to believe in this thousands of years ago or hell just over one hundred, but now, today? We are supposed to have a better understanding of the universe now, more scientific. Back then the sun rose, it was magic. If you didn't know the answer it was god or leprechauns. Use some critical thinking.

I have noticed some people posting things online to the effect: She got what she deserved. Karma, baby. That is a rather vengeful thought. Sure that person did something horrible to you, but vengeance isn't a very nice thing either. In taking glee at someone else s misfortune, though they did you wrong, isn't that inciting the Karma machine to enact against you? Or it doesn't work that way?  You are exempt from that? How? Is there a little loophole? It is fine to happen to you, but not me? And what about all the other times your Karma buddy didn't help you out? Did you post those? Someone cut me off, but they didn't die in a horrible crash. Damn them! They can get away with murder!

  There is no mystical force guiding the universe. Sorry to speak in hyperbole(I guess no irrefutable evidence yet). If you believe in Karma than why not Unicorns or Santa, the Easter Bunny, aliens that have visited only a select few, 90% of all conspiracy theories? Most of these were childhood beliefs that you have abandoned. They were fun at the time, but we all grow up...some of us anyways(not me). Now if you excuse me I have to post on Facebook that Santa got his by being impaled by a unicorn for not getting me a Sega Genesis when I was a kid. Karma, baby!

 Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
-Albert Einstein  

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