Tuesday, 2 October 2012


 The morning is brisk. Not cold enough  yet that you feel those little pin pricks on the end of your nose. No wind, but it still feels fresh, even if you live in the city. Breathing deeply, cool air slides easily through your nostrils and fills your lungs. After the first deep breath your mind clears. The early morning fog rolls out from your frontal lobe back to your occipital lobe then through the back of your head. The last spectral finger taking away last nights dreams of how you had to save the Toaster from the evil grasp of Sir John Deere belt buckle in the land of Shag. The air is crisp enough to make your eyes water and feel the littlest pang of cold. For some reason it sharpened your vision. Ahhhhh, early Autumn

Autumn is the steady decline into the holidays. Here is where you can use decline as a good thing. First Thanksgiving with all the great foods and celebrating the harvest, the decadence. Food spread across the table trimmed in bright solid fall colours. Eating until you feel full and almost sick, but you can still cram dessert in there. Halloween. Little buggers dressed for begging for candy, which Dad has to check to see if it is suitable for his children's consumption. I am not saying I am a hero, but there is a plaque around here somewhere that I had made up. Then Christmas. snow, toys, cheer. There is more to say, but this is Autumn"s send up.

 To me, Autumn is the best season. Driving through the country you see yellows and oranges brushes in great sweeping stokes across the hardwood copses, like soldiers with colorful plumes about their heads. The odd dissident evergreen or oak that hasn't turned yet still standing amongst them. All of them standing in defiance of their inevitable end. The reds standing out the most. Whether set in woods or standing alone set ablaze in one of the many tree lined roads. with branches outstretched across the road protecting any traveler who strides under these titans. Beautiful oranges roll into yellows on the hills that can be seen for miles. Up close the underbrush has died back enough for you to see the paths and leaves tumbling down. Hitting trunks on the way down spinning and floating until they gently come to rest on their fallen brothers and sisters.

 The mornings are cool, but only cool enough to get away with just wearing a sweater or a light jacket. Then as the sun approaches mid morning the world warms like a smile watching youngsters play and explore the world. Figuring out for the first time that that leaf has fallen form that giant tree for their amusement and they stare in wonder and anticipation of the reaming eight hundred leaves to fall. Probably at once. By noon you have shed the sweater and are walking with more vigor. Everyone around you is enjoying the warm weather too. One of the few remaining times it will be warm this year and enjoying it like the heartfelt embrace of a friend or loved one. The nights are cool again, but that is perfect. Underneath the sheets all cozy and comfortable. Protected from the slight chill that is in the house because you don't want to turn on the furnace. Holding onto that thought like the last tendril of grass on the side of a cliff. Cool enough to sleep easy, no sweating. Like you should sweat just lying there. You aren't doing anything, just sleeping! C'mon summer!

Since leaving the farm, Autumn has always reminded me of life up there. The ever rolling verdant ponds of hayfields(only in the early Autumn).. Driving through the old lumber and forestry roads with a mix or a beer in the coffee holder. Looking for any wildlife or just enjoying the still ponds and lakes with granite outcroppings that are miles from any major road or anyone. The only thing disturbing the mirror like ponds are beavers noses zippering up the lake for the oncoming winter. Driving through the harvested fields to check the cattle or to feed them. Bouncing off the gofer holes and through the wheel ruts, "Watch the drinks!" Tours were what we called them. Slow paced weekends of visiting family and friends. Listening and regaling in tales of adventure and misfortune that was always fun and had a joke in there somewhere. Autumn is the literal and metaphorical relaxing season. Where you sit back, reflect and let the World churn on and you are happy  to hitch a ride on it as it displays it's wonders and starts to reveal the next chapter.

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  1. Autumn....reminds me a lot of being over at Grandma's. Thanksgiving at Grandma's was always the best. Her homemade buns and biscuits and the BIGGEST turkeys ever! Ohhhh, she made the best gravy too. Jumping in the leaves. All the guys out on the porch drinking their mix and the tomatoe juice at each table setting. The things we take for granted when we're youngins!