Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Written From An IPod

Such great little wonders. Listen to music, podcasts(that is the one I really enjoy), play a game, use an app for scheduling or whatnot. Type a whole blog? Could you imagine? In your wildest dreams. As a kid laying in bed staring at the ceiling dreaming of hammering out a blog on a music player? No! Who cares?!! Obvious someone thought of this, but it pales in comparison to so many other feats of human achievement. The car, airplanes, even the music player itself, filled with hundreds of songs. But to type out a blog on it. Big deal.

I got my little gem off of kijiji from a teenage girl in Courtice. No, I didn't beat her up for it. It cost me $90. I thought that was a great deal. A fourth generation iPod touch. I save over $100. And worth every penny. Of course I knew about apps, but to experience them first hand was cool. The games are neat. The prices for music, games, and apps are mainly reasonable. Podcast are my favorite though. Listening to something I really want to know about instead of inane dj chatter or news radio is wonderful. The same crappy music over and over again? No thanks. Give me Skeptics Guide To The Universe, Mohr Stories, Sklarboro Country or Skeptics With A K.

Typing on this thing is interesting. It has taken my four nights to pound out this blog piece. The keyboard is pretty good. Most of the time my fingers hit the correct key, but every once and awhile my fingers would mash a couple of key or just the wrong key all together. A sentence that goes like this would end up like this: "A sentebce that gioes like this would e nd like tyis". Not bad, but when you have to go back and correct every seven words or so it is a little tedious. I guess it's the consequence of having big fingers. As Megan would make fun of me, but I think I would look odd with dainty little hands at six foot four.

This blog isn't going to be a long post. I don't have the patience to write on anything as small as an iPod for very long. The screen is too small for constant viewing. I don't understand how the snot noses can spend all day watching Lady Gaga on this thing. And my neck and arm is getting tired hammering on this thing. It is good to have around for jotting down ideas whenever and just before I go to sleep. Those ones make for an interesting read the next day. "Sometimes tuna isn't the hamburger with the eyes and pearls through a neck brace"...Ok.

Besides I have a lot of important work to do around this couch. If I don't do it who will? Aww, I just thought of something. This screen is only about two inches wide. I have probably only written enough for a comic strip. Screw it and to hell with ya. My hero trophy needs polishing.


  1. "I don't understand how the snot noses can spend all day watching Lady Gaga on this thing".

    Bahahahahaa....thanks for the laugh!

  2. Your a good writer keep it up.