Thursday, 18 October 2012

Things You Think Of Just Before You Fall Asleep

The covers lay loosely upon you, not tucked in. God, you feel held down if they're tucked in. Your head has sunk in to the pillow. Darkness surrounds you. You sink deeper and deeper in to your mattress. You feel like you are getting heavier but your body feels like it is expanding; reverting to a sub atomic form, becoming infinite. The Specter of sleep reaches from his dark abyss to pull you down and you welcome it, sinking deeper into the bed. Your brain cunning and quick, moves against you. "Did I lock the front door?" Reality snaps back in and you open your eyes. Looking around in the dark you search your mind to see if you did lock the door. Throwing the covers off you head downstairs. Great.

Sleep is wonderful, but why does your brain conspire against you from time to time? I mean your brain does it every night to you(conspire). It paralyzes you and forces you to watch various dreams ranging from: fighting your way out of thirty pirate ninjas with books to laying in a sun drenched meadow with all the Care Bears. So why does it also make you think of stupid little things just before you fall asleep?

Laying in bed in our new home for the first time Megan and I were all ready for sleep. Drifting towards it there was a sudden pop. Like when someone is walking across the floorboards. It was so quiet that each of the pops were like rifle blasts. Of course it was just the house settling. Some of you think that maybe it was a ghost, but no. There are no such things as ghosts. You have never heard or seen one. The sound we heard was just the wood in our house expanding or contracting. Houses are heavy and the ground is always moving and shifting. Therefore the house pushes and pulls down on the wood or beams or maybe something as simple as air escaping the wood. You have never seen a ghost either. It is just light or shadow or an animal, your brain makes up a lot of stuff you can't quite see of fully interpret. Your brain gathers what your eyes sees and tries to make sense of it. It looked like an arm so it must of been an arm. It tries to form something, you just think it's unexplainable so you instantly go for ghost. If I was a ghost I would be doing everything I could to scare people and get them to freak out. I would appear to them. I would make a rock float before your eyes. Hell,  if I was a ghost I would wander onto a news program and pants the weather man, Then shove the anchors papers down his throat. There are a lot more worse people dead than I. They would of tried worse and you would have seen it by now. But you can tell your children there are ghosts, it's fun to scare children.

 Other things happen just before you fall asleep. You start thinking will I have a good or a bad dream?
Or will it be the crazy dream? The dream where when you go through a door you are in a different place. I was in a lavish library. Dark hardwood floors with red carpet runners, two stories of tomes you could access with a ladder that slides across the width, a second story balcony enclave with a marble floor. When I went to leave, I went through and door and I was in a field with roman columns. The next instant I was on a round hay bale fighting Darth Vader. When I first entered it was a bright sunny day, but now it was foggy, but a brown fog. Then it seemed I had enough of the fight with Darth Vader and decided I wanted to fly. Unfortunately I was still in the brown fog, so I saw nothing but fog. All I needed to do was think about flying and I did. Soon though, I was falling. My bright idea to save myself was to stick out an arm, then I just woke up.

 The next instance is:  I think,: what is it like just before you fall asleep? What happens? Because one moment you're calming down and your brain is easing and then you wake up and it's the next morning. Is there a switch? I lose grip on what I am thinking just before I fall asleep. Everything shuts down. I stop thinking about anything. It"s weird. Tomorrow I have to get up at six and King st .and....nothing you just stop, then you're awake the next morning. If I start thinking about the time when I start to trail off thinking to the time I fall asleep. I start thinking even more and harder. I am up. I am up just like I had a shot of caffeine. Great. Then I try to capture that moment of when I go to sleep. I try to commit it to memory so I will remember what it is like so I don't do this ever again, But this never happens. I just start thinking about other stuff. Like, will the dog finally kill me in the middle of the night by flopping down on my chest instead of my legs? What was that noise? Did that boat in the painting just move? And those eyes in that picture, did they just blink? What is this, Scooby-Doo? Mmm sleep......Alarm? Dammit!


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